Mike Drums Music

Living Life To The Beat Of My Own Drum


About Me

My name is Mike LaPlant. I’ve been playing drums in the greater Milwaukee area for over a decade. I enjoy playing with original bands of various styles, and I’ve been involved in area festivals and showcases including Summerfest, Milwaukee Pride Fest, Spoof Fest and Milwaukee Zappa Fest. I have developed a well rounded skill set in my never-ending study of the drumming craft.

I knew from a very young age that the drums would be my instrument. From the time I could hit pots and pans with a wooden spoon (apologies to my family), my interest in drum beats started growing.

I started playing the drum set at the age of 14. My goal wasn’t to be the fastest, the hardest hitting, or to play as many notes as possible, but rather to be the most musically appropriate drummer I could be.

In My Own Words

Generally speaking, music is something that can never really be mastered completely. There is just so much out there to inspire, challenge, frustrate, and even surprise you. Find what drives you and go get it! For me, there are four equally important guidelines in drumming. These can be applied to all music and instrumentation, but I feel they’re most essential for a drummer.

Tempo – Establish a solid tempo, creating the foundation for the music you’re playing
Chops – Practice fundamentals, learn new styles of music and diversify your abilities
Fluidity – Make the drums sing in a way that compliments the music being played

Stay positive and keep moving forward.